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Note: The bot is still in early stages, bugs can exist or some functions are not compleet yet.

Master partner is a discord bot that will grow your discord server and will provide you gems to spend in get rewards. It will automaticly partner random discord servers so you can get more people attracted to your server. The way you can make gems of it is because the random discord servers are paying you gems to put on your server. Also when someone go to that invite link on your server you get extra gems of it because there are some ads when we check for bots.

Why waiting? invite the bot today!
Invite masterpartner


We need to setup the bot first, type "{verify (product key)" on your discord server.
Remember your product key can be found on your profile page under "User information". When it sayed that you are verified you can now set up the bot by typing "{setup".
The bot will ask you questions like how many message or in which channel.
When everything is setup you are ready to go!