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Welcome to! We’re happy to have you here.
On this website you can make free money by watching ads, completing surveys, solving captchas and shortening URLs.
Your money will be stored in your online wallet.
Once you earn 10 dollars you can withdraw via PayPal.
The money will be deposited on your account on the first of every month, due to Google AdSense paying us like that.
You can also use your balance to buy subscriptions on our other projects such as Enthix, Globan and High-Class Advertisements.


We want to help people who need or want some quick change. So we came up with the idea to let people watch advertisements for money. was created to earn money faster then other sites, without any of the hassle.

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01/12/2019: Updated the text on the home page.

30/11/2019: Changed menu layout

29/11/2019: Fixed the remember me button/payout screen + changed register and login.

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